The most comprehensive global readiness tool on the market today. All the cultural competencies, live alerts, relocation and city-specific information you will ever need---in one customized dashboard.

GoWorldWise gives you a fully configurable dashboard---continuously updating you on local conditions, wherever it is that you do business in 200 countries and thousands of cities within them.

Who Can Benefit and How

HR Community

  • Building global culture
  • Facilitating leader and team effectiveness sessions for global teams
  • Conflict identification and resolution

Associates Exploring Global Experiences

  • Build global mindset
  • Assess readiness and development gaps for global roles and assignments

Global Leaders and Teams

  • Individual effectiveness
  • Team effectiveness sessions
  • New team assimilations
  • New leader assimilations

International Assignees

  • Cultural Integration and onboarding
  • Family support
  • New leader assimilations
WTR Advantage:


  • Scalable
  • Socializable
  • Sustainable
  • Personalized
  • Self-paced
  • On-line end-to-end learning

Unique Features

  • Live data
  • Client customization
  • City-specific
  • Dashboard driven
  • Travel alerts
  • Health alerts
  • Visa alerts
  • Cultural assessment
  • Navigation across devices
  • User-specific learner toolkits
  • E-learning
  • Team creation and tracking
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